Dancing with Peaches

OH MY GOD!I was asked to coordinate a team of dancers for Peaches (Parklife Sydney show, 37 000 tickets- sold out). YIP!!So I got together the nastiest crew of trannie sluts I know, (ie my friends and others) who can dance and got crackin.

There was me, of course, and Michael Boyd came on board to choreograph (we met on Australian SYTYCD), his girl Sarah, along with Maid Mariam, Josh Flinn, Jack Mannix, Vesper White and Kevin Bava. Now we had the crew, we needed the outfits!

I tried to strike a balance between Peaches older grimy look, and her new schmick sci-fi-esque style. We had boys in lingerie, girls with glittery penises and these creepy masks. Of course, Romance was Born provided us with some killer holographic lycra pieces.


I flashed my boobs more times than I care to remember! Ha! What a trip! We WENT OFF!! Sarah danced til she spewed!I just remember looking into the audience during Shake Yer Dix and seeing this boy who looked like he was 18 and from the Shire and his eyes were lit up like a Christmas tree!! HAHAA! His expression was like 'WTF?! There's this fit blonde slut rubbing her tits right in front of me but shes wearing a fake DICK and an old man mask!!' I think he was just mesmerized- didn't know if he should have been ashamed of his hard on. It made me crack up, right there on stage- I laughed my ass off!

What a phenomenal experience! Peaches was a pleasure to work for, as well as her band, management and creative team. She's actually a really lovely woman! Funny bitch too. We partied literally, like rock stars into the wee little hours of the morning. But that's another story! :)

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