Ms Fitz for Tina Kalivas

Photography: Elvis Di Fazio

Hey Lovers!!

Recently, Tina Kalivas asked me collaborate on a once-off capsule collection of accessories to compliment her beautiful Summer 08/09 collection, "Zarafshan". It was a bit of an honour really! Tina Kalivas is one of Australia's most respected and recognised high fashion designers, who cut her teeth working for Alexander McQueen and has since gone onto design over twenty collections, which are stocked world wide.

The collection was inspired by her collaboration with the community of Afghani women from Auburn, who created devine and intricate embrioderies which embellished the garments.

"I was really inspired by the embriodery pieces the Afghani women had created, they were so earnest and beautiful. I believe the term used in artistic circles is "Niave Art", so I really wanted to incorporate that into my designs. I used alot of traditional weaving and knotting techniques which are used the world over in ethnic design, but I put a Ms Fitz spin on it too, there's an element of modern street culture thrown in there too, and references to 90's hip hop fashion, which is my true love." - Ms Fitz
Das Super Paper (Feb 2009)

Hope you likeee!!
Its available exclusively at Liberty of London (OMG!!) and Pretty Dog in Australia.