Ms Fitz for Trimapee at Sydney Fashion Week

With Rosemount Australian Fashion Week coming around the corner, I thought I do a bit of a retrospective on the show I was lucky enough to Style and Art Direct for Trimapee at last year's Fashion Week.

I'm looking forward to seeing the shows this year- hopefully I'll be styling a few too (ssshhhhh) and my boy Chew Fu should do some tracks too- he remixed a Kanye West track for the last Dolce and Gabbana Runway show in Milan :)

So, back to little old Aussie Fashion week- I styled the Trimapee show on opening night in 2008. Taking inspiration from their collection "Gods Mistakes" I interpreted it with a dark watery mood. The garments were very black which is outside of my comfort zone but they were great because the design lent to alot of styling interpretation. It ended up a little bit gothic-y which was cool.

I made all the jewellery too, out of seaweed beads and bolts and leather.
We customised all the Docs with glitter and sequins and seaweed material from the collection. The girls shoes are just stripper heels with black stockings over them and more leather and seaweed material over that... COOOooooollll huh?

Got pretty rave reviews too!! Georgina Safe from the Australian said something about me being the next Michelle Jank...Very flattering indeed, but I'll tell you whats- I'm not the next anyone, except MS FITZ!! :)
Some more reviews at:
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Love love and Kissesss
Ms Fitz