Basketball heels by Ms Fitz

For the past two weeks I've been working closely with Claire Greaves, the designer behind the denim/fashion label Maise; putting together her off site show for the SS09/10 collection "The M Team".

The show was last night- the 21st of May - and it was off the hook! So much fun!
Thanks to Under The Wing PR, it was packed out to capacity and all the mags were there! Grazia, Marie Clare, Harpers, Vogue, Russh, Shop Til You Drop and more :) It was a really sweet mash up of the Sydney elite fashion set and the grimey underground scene.

Taking inspiration from the collection's name "The M Team"- we put together something a little street, but very beautiful.
We were inspired to put together something with an over all theme of Competition. I liked the idea of a StreetFighter feel mixed with a sporty element... I saw the models as some super team- an ass kickin', chun li style, sexy streetgang! These bitches are bad!! hhahahhaaa!

SO the location was at 140 Cleveland St- A beautiful enormous warehouse owned by some outstanding young hotties/artists, with amazing murals all over the wall. It felt very grimey- and a bit abandoned; it was like show was at the M Team's secret sparring location- they'd come here to practice their uppercuts before heading out into the streets to whoop ass..!!

Anyhoo, so we made up netted body suits with hectic shoulder pads to go under the outfits- DOPE. And I customised all the shoes with Basketballs on the heels. Pretty punchy shitt! Then we put zips up the T Bar and gold chaining most everywhere else :) WOOAHH!! But didn't they come up nice?

All photos by Cybele - Check out

I made some jewellery too for the show:
It was some twisted coloured roping (very sporty) and gold chains in these wierd noose-type formations.

The music was an exclusive mix put together by my man Chew Fu- (who's last fashion music was for the D&G show in milan)
And you'll neevveerrrr guess what track we used!! hHHAHA!! Totally pop trashy goodness!! But remixed to the shiiiiit and the BEST walking music- have a listen here.
(nb: I am just SO NOT into elitist trennddyyy runway music... "OMG we are totally gonna have the models walk to THE NEW HOTCHIP/KILLS/WHATEVER and its gonna be SOOOOO EDGGYYY")

Hair was by the Kevin Murphy Team- who put together the INCREDIBLE Marlene Deitrich meets Chun Li look. Uhhhh!!! SO GOOD! And totally unpredictable, which is the best thing :)
Make up was by the MakeUp Store- it was very minimal, except a yellow bottom lip.


Oh, yeah- thanks to our sponsor, vitaminwater (all lower case, one word, thankyou very much)

Photo: Jeff Yiu
(don't I look hot?)


For more backstage shots by Jeff Yiu- see the Pedestrian Gallery.

Love love love
Ms Fitz