Ms Fitz in New York- The first two weeks :)


Hey guys!! I'm in New York! Holy shit!!
And yes, its wonderful :)

One of my friends noted last week "It sounds like all you're doing is eating!! Will I even recognise you next time I see you?!" And I thought... probably not. Ha!!
Dating a big sexy latino means that we eat, alot, and often. Its great.
The food here in the states is the BEST, its cheesy, fatty and MEATY. I am probably turning into the size of a house, but whatevs!!

Speaking of houses, here's the view from our apartment :)
We're upper West, just along the top of central park heading towards Harlem. Its a beautiful area, pretty quiet and totally safe (okay Mum? hah)
I've started taking dance classes three times a week at Broadway Dance Studio
(around the corner from here:)

And generally just chillaxing and trying to work out my next plan of action. I've been finalising my new website and showreel for the past two weeks- i can't hit the pavement until they're perfected so I've been forced to stop, breathe and reflect on what I really want for the next little phase in my life. I've even been writing some rhymes.

In the meantime, I got my nails did in Harlem:

(and yes, I got our names on my fingernails :0) hhahha)

Ate fried bananas (yummerz) at a traditional Dominican family feast with Chewy's New York Fam:
(Great photo Fraz :))

Started riding the subway by myself (YAYY!!)

Eaten noodles in ChinaTown

Been shopping at Patricia Feild's boutique on the Lower East(see new dress) Necklace made by yours truly:
And been attending music industry parties:
(hah wow the boys look really drizzunk)

But most of all, I'm loving spending time with my beautiful Panda Bear, Chewy..
For all you cats that have known me for a while- and for those that haven't..
Before I met Chewy, I was the quintesenntial Single Gal, looking for love in all the wrong places- jerks and assholes, (hey, I've even been a bit of a bitch along the way too) and I really thought that I wouldn't find love.. I thought that a girl like me- strong willed, independent, loud, creative and off beat would never find a man to adore, who would accept and cherish me. And BAM!
Holy shit!! I meet this beautiful, kind, sweet, uber talented man who treats me like a princess and makes me feel like the most specialest, uniquest, amazingest woman in the world.
And now, I'm in New York, and I'm in love.

So ladies, don't give up! If a girl like me can find love, then there's certainly hope for everyone :)

Kisses from this side of the globe to you,

Ms Fitz