Brooklyn Dreaming

In the past week or so I have the pleasure of meeting an incredibly dynamic character, Brooklyn based artist Jordan Fox.

A great friend of mine, Elvis Di Fazio met Jordan in New York about a year ago and told me that if I went to New York, I had meet him. Right On!

Jordan told me he was having a street sale in Brooklyn last weekend so I trepidaciously got on three trains and went down town to meet the man I'd heard so much about.

I was not dissapointed!! I was introduced to the amazing Cantessa Stuto (hot bitch/ Party Thrower Extraodinaiirree), HirothaJap (The most neon dude ever/Electro DJ) and the insightful and ethereal Gina Jean (who read my tarot cards).

Here are some piccies of our adventure, dancing, drinking and hanging out in Brooklyn.


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Jordan Fox
Cantessa Stuto-

Cantessa WERKIN' it

I had my first 'Icee', flavoured iced in a cone. Yummmerz.

"You are going to be very, very famous"

I bought that black and gold jacket

Look in the mirror!!


Love love