Hollywood Flesh Collection by Ms Fitz

As I creep towards the idea of releasing a Ms Fitz accessory line I'm getting a bit retrospective about alllll the designing I've done along the way with different collaborations.
And it also makes me think about how little I've changed.
I mean, my work is a little less 'obvious' now (to use a fashion term I really dislike) but the themes are essentially the same.

Archetypal characters, bad ass bitches and pop culture. Yep, that about sums it up.

I read somewhere that the Vampire is like the cockroach of literary and popular culture. It just never goes away. I like that.

We've seen a rush of vampire/zombie inspired stuff lately - from Diplo's latest incarnation Major Lazer, to the 'teen sensation' films (as they say), 'Twilight'.
I've been obsessed with classic horror and scifi for quite some time, but recently read Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, which is an incredibly beautiful, bitter sweet horror novel that was almost unbelievably, written nearly 200 years ago. I love the themes throughout classic horror tales, of unrequited love, loneliness and the monster within all of us; the nuances of the human condition and the desire to belong.

But I'll leave you with a collection I co-designed a little back for killer label called "Hollywood Flesh", with Lindsay Rose (pictured above together) who is another amazing designer cum Burlesque performer based in Qld, Australia.
It's called "Godzilla Versus the Hollywood Flesh Eating Vampire Women!!"

The collection was made up primarily of handprinted Shantung Silks, with one print being the heads of kamono dragons layered over and over to achieve a Escher like pattern.
I even had this incredible Japanese graffitti artist do up a bilingual piece, which reads Hollywood Flesh in katakana, and in English.

A handful of you may have seen this before, but a majority of you probably haven't- So here goes:

Dragon tail skirt

This hood was SO fucking big! Holy shit it was so fun to hide in! And get this- it was totally reversible- red shantung silk on one side and electric blue checks on the other. DOPENESS.

Pin up vampire dress :)

And the totally ridiculous, somewhat offensive bright green Dragon Hoodie. Ahh.


Peace out biatchess