D&G use Chew Fu's remix in Milan 2010 - and works with Mariah Carey and Wiley. (Not together though, ha! Can you imagine?)

Dolce and Gabbana used Chew's remix of The Doors on the runway for their
Spring/Summer 2010 Womenswear Runway in Milan last week.

Massive props to my boy Chew Fu!!

While we're on the subject of Chew Fu, I need to give him a virtual high five (or I could just give him one in person coz he's sitting next to me) BUT I think virtual is better- Coz he's been kicking some serious ass in the past few weeks.

Like being Lady Gaga's official remix artist isn't enough, he's just released this-

Official Remix for Mariah Carey's new single- "I wanna Know What Love Is" for Def Jam.
Yup, M A R I A H!! hhhhhaaaa amaaazzinnggg!! Original diva, one of the biggest female artists of all time, that Mariah. Wooorrrrrkkkk boy!

And ALSO he's been producing for Wiley. Thats right. WILEY. I'm a massive Grime fan (or should I say "well, massive Grime fan, innit... BBRRAAAPPP!") and Wiley's one of the original rude boys from England who's been spitting fireballs with / at Dizzee Rascal, Durrty Goodz, Roll Deep for nearly ten years. WELL PROPER! (I'm more excited about this than the Mariah Carey thing.) Anyhoosey it got out on BBC1 yesterday and its exploding- hear Zane Lowe on BBC 1 giving huge shout out, says its the "Hottest Record in The World Right Now"
Not Bad at all :)