Ms Fitz- Werkin' hard

Hello lovelies!!

Its about time for an update on everything I've been up to :)
Chewy and I moved uptown to Spanish Harlem on Riverside. Its way gorgeous/grimey, totally Dominican area- the food is incredible- there are men playing Domino's on the side walk, hoodrats on every corner, old women selling pineapple on a stick for a dollar (I've become obsessed) and Spanish music BLARING from every apartment. Its the real deal!! I love it, I feel like I'm getting a real New York experience!

We shot an incredible story for DUKE Magazine last week down in Brooklyn with Anna Marcella and the incredible model / socialite / muse / rapper Contessa.

On Sunday, I helped style/dress a beautiful runway show for French based New York designer Jose Doran.

Also I've been assisting stylist Marc Sifuentes and we've done a shoot for a Japanese menswear Magazine and also a profile piece for Dazed and Confused.

I've also done an internship with a hat maker / milliner in the garment district three days a week for the past month and a bit. To be real, its a bit Devil Wears Prada (minus the glamor), but its all good- I've learnt so much!

Also I'm sorting out my Visa, ickky expensive business that it is!

All is well in the world of Ms Fitz!