Amazing Art: Gilbert and George

These two faggy motherfuckers are amazing.

Oh yes, the incredible Gilbert and George. The duo of contemporary visual artists from London who rose to fame in the early 80's. Their entire body of work has been created in, and focused on London's East End, which they see as a microcosm. According to George, "Nothing happens in the world that doesn't happen in the East End".
I've picked out a few images for you that are my favourites- Hope, Death and Life. The colour and the content are incredible- mixing the grime of the street, masculine sexuality and poetry, with the incredible POP colours.. Sheesh. LOVE IT. They were even the first contemporary artists to exhibit in Russia once the cold was over.

I dig their motto: "Art for All".

When asked "Are you heretics?" they answered:
George: In that we believe the artist is here to question all convention. We don’t believe there is any convention that we can just accept.
Gilbert: Break every convention, yes!

They have wonderful philosophies on primary colours and class, politics and fashion- read up!!
Here's a link to a great interview I found

They're my kind of people :)