Day 2 - Amsterdam Fashion Week ::Linda Valkeman

Hey Hey Heyyyy,
The showing that I was most impressed by yesterday was the whimsical, futuristic, nomad inspired collection by Dutch born designer Linda Valkeman:

Cute huh? Really nice use of colors and texture.

Other shows yesterday went by with little fanfare, including the Camilla Norrback show last night.. it was tightly styled by Dimphy den Otter (who seems to do the 'earthy queen' thing very well). Not my personal taste at all, but I must say the palette was cohesive- also the leather bags were very nice and the menswear was classy. Apparently she was inspired by Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.. Here's a pic of my favorite look for you, and you can see the rest of the collection here.

Off to the SuperTrash and Claes Iverson shows now, let you know how it goes :)

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