Amsterdam Fashion Week 2010 + Stylelikeu

Hey Ya :)

I've been in Amsterdam for a few weeks now and I'm loving it. It's such a BEAUTIFUL city, I feel like I'm walking around in a painting. The people are lovely, totes down to earth, everybody rides bicycles and the canals are so so pretty! We have an apartment in the center of town so I've been spending my days wandering the streets, vintage shopping, feeding ducks, looking at art, drinking hot chocolate and generally relaxing.
Amsterdam is a great city to re-charge and chill out, it's so laid back and easy going.. I've discovered snow (!!) and that I love the way ice cracks over a puddle when you stomp on it.
Still, my tropical brain doesn't really understand how to dress for such cold weather- when I see the sun I assume its warm, right? Thats how it works, isn't it? Nope, not on this side of the world.. heh. On a style tip, I've noted that generally the Dutch aren't very fancy.. if its unassuming and you can ride a bike in it, then its good enough for them. Lets hope this week will prove me wrong :)
I had an interview with Fashion Editor Rinke Tjepkema from Dutch Grazia this morning (they're doing a profile on my wardrobe next weekish) and got to get the inside scoop on some of the up coming designers showing at Amsterdam International Fashion Week this week. I'll be attending most of the shows, checking out what this little city has to offer and I'll be posting my musings and updates throughout the week, so I'll let you know!

PS- Did an interview for, I love love love that website! Its just gone live so head over and check it out, you can peek through my wardrobe!

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