Day 1 - Amsterdam Fashion Week:: MATTIJS


Just got home from AIFW, the opening night. Kinda drunk but a-okay!! :)

So you want to down low? There was the usual fashion week opening night bells and whistles, lots of ladies dressed in black, free booze, trendy DJ, photographers everywhere.. although I went solo (scary thing to do at these kind of parties), I ended up meeting heaps of Dutch industry peeps who were all really lovely. Got papped a few times, talked to drunk dudes who bummed all my ciggies, gave/received compliments on outfits and generally just did the fashion party thing..

SO the Mattijs show-
The show opened with sounds of a fire burning and crackling, the lighting was dark and orange, it was a nice mood.. The music came on with an indie remake of "Killer Queen". Frayed, unfinished edging was a feature to the wearable collection of dresses and coats. Cute. Nice subtle 80's accentuations. The thing that caught my eye about the collection was the unusual colour palette, turquoise greens and reds with dusty pink, black and gold. It was a bit unexpected. (Sorry I can't convey this better in the pics, I was up in the nosebleeds and my pics didn't turn out the greatest) Although it wasn't a hugely memorable collection for me, it was nice nonetheless. The jewellery was pretty dope, big chunky gold bracelets by Anneke van Bergen. Shoes were by my favourite Dutch shoe brand United Nude.

Went outside to meet with Fiona from entertainment television RTL Boulevard (it's a BIIGG deal over hereee, maannn) to chat about my work and the collection. It went well, apparently this chicky is known for her 'in your face' interview style.. (I found that out DURING the interview, thanks guys) but apparently the television show has over a million viewers so I'll post its up over the next few days :) But I yell you what though, the Dutch media quite like the fact that I have a rock star Dutch/American boyfriend.. ha. Weird.

I'm gonna check out some more shows tomorrow, keep you posted! (Literally!)