Style Inspirations- 1980's Flash Gordon

Fierce bitch General Kala

Heyyaaa! In case you haven't noticed, this blog is not the kind of fashion blog where I mindlessly spew out fashion trends and collections for ya'll to soak up.. Other people do that much better and with more dedication than I, and to be real I don't believe that true style comes from following all that crap anyways..

So I'm gonna pump you full of stuff that I find inspiring, and TODAY's treat is the costuming from the 1980's remake of FLASH GORDON.
If you haven't seen this then GO rent it NOW!
The Set Design is my favourite from any movie of all time by the Academy Award Winning Italian costume and production designer Danilo Donati (RIP). Yeah, this is CAMP. You can see the 80's influence... It's oh so GOOOODDD!! The soundtrack is by Queen.
Please feast your eyes on these beauties :)