"At first glance they may look like ordinary T-shirts — but this could be the future of hi-tech fashion. Unveiled last night at a special London Fashion Week show, the shirts have a small symbol printed on the clothes like a barcode.

Look at them through a webcam or mobile phone and they come to life through Augmented Reality — AR.

Video, graphics and text can all appear and wearers will even be given virtual headwear. Designs can be updated and even programmed so that wearers see a different outfit each time they look." - Evening Standard 22.2.10

Sounds fucking crazy, huh?? The collection was launched by Cassette Playa via a digital presentation at 2010 A/W London Fashion Week, and here's a breakdown of the show- thanks to CROCKSTAR

Intro to Cassette Playa 2010 London Presentation

The presentation was a true break from the “traditional runway” format of unveiling a collection. Three models (two male, one female) entered the room to some bass-heavy beats and took their places in front of a gigantic screen. One by one they disappeared around to the back side of screen and removed articles of clothing revealing layers from the new collection beneath (certainly an internet inspired way to unveil a collection).

Cassette Playa Autumn Winter 2010 London

The presentation also diverged from your run-of-the-mill youtube stop-motion video where the model removes a number of layers of teeshirts: rather than a simple pre-recorded stop motion video, Carri the creative included augmented reality 3-D elements for each model and they came to life as if by some secret power hidden within small square illustrations on the bottom-layer t-shirts. The men’s digital elements appeared to be a cross between knights in shining armour and characters from the Mortal Kombat series. Meanwhile, the one female model was wearing a princess / mortal kombat looking headpiece, her digital 3-D element looked more like a sexed-up alien from Species.

Cassette Playa Digital Presentation London Fashion Week

The square on these white tee’s would glow and flash green as if it were a powerful stone on a treasure troll, before unleashing the augmented reality elements. The effect was breathtaking and the accompanying music was perfect.