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I'm totally obsessed with the FUTURISTIC TRIBAL style. There's a lot of it on the runways at the moment (LV 2010, Valentino, Gaultier, Versace to name a few) Characterized by clashing patterns, and pops of loud color off set by neutral tones.

Valentino Spring 2010
Valentino Spring 2010
LV RTW Spring 2010

Gaultier Couture 2010
Gaultier Couture 2010

I got my Fitz on today playing with paint and a pink wig.. I got my inspiration from tradition African face painting and made sure to use my wonderful MAC powders. Ace Ace Ace.

I love premonitions of our future world that take reference from the past. The idea that far into the future, after the apocalypse- people will revert to tribalism, living off the land; with a cyber twist. Mad Max did it best :)

BTW I'm totally listening to PLANET CLAIRE by the B52's right now (there's a download link) Best Song Everrr
Support the artist The B-52's - Funplex - Planet Claire (Live At the Roxy)

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