House of Holland A/W 2010 #LFW

Never one to shy a way from a bit of literal theming, House of Holland (headed by Henry Holland) delivered a hip hop inspired collection to A/W 2010 London Fashion Fashion Week over the weekend.

Going by previous collections, Henry Holland has proven to be a bit of a gimmick pony- and he's stayed true to form with this offering. But whatever, its a fun collection- not one for the fashion connesuier, but Henry never claimed to be. The kids will love it.

It just makes me think of that scene in Reality Bites (1994):

" Hi, I'm Cheryl Goode and welcome to "Wedgie", the world of hip couture. 
This week, we're in south-central Los Angeles,
at the intersection of 
Florence and Normandy- the flashpoint of fashion. 
The phattest gangsta trend will increase your peace.
This bandanna by Donna Karen is blue for Crips, red for Bloods...
and only costs seventy-five dollars. "