How to - Pick The Best Runway Music

Venessa Milde in Trimapee RAFW show - styled and art directed by Ms Fitz

Hey hey heeeyyyy,

Alright, so I've had a long week at Fashion Week in Amsterdam, and its New York Fashion Week coming up :) And from my experience as as a show stylist, I have been inspired to write a post about the process of choosing the best runway music for your showing.

We all know the importance of a runway music- it can make or break the mood and works as the glue to keep the live showing together. This week I was witness to a live performance of a local pop star belting out "Walk Like an Egyptian" over 90's Euro house beat..(and it wasn't done in an 'ironic' way). I say this not to be a bitch, but to highlight the importance that music plays in the overall integrity of your branding.

When I choosing runway music there are a two basic things to look for.
MOOD and PACE. Is the mood consistent with the direction of the collection?
Is the pace suitable for the models to walk to?

On a more complex level- When you are creating any art there should be cohesion and balance, and a runway show is no different. This is where the artistry in creating the mood of your show comes into play. Striking a level between the dark and light elements is imperative, because those 'pluses and minuses' create depth, harmony, emotive connection and integrity in your work.

Not only the sound, but the selection of Artist/Band can have a lot of impact on the overall image of your label. Remember that every artist comes with their own particular branding- is it consistent with yours? For example- If you'd like to be perceived as an underground, cutting edge designer then it would best best to go tunes from an Artist that shares that image.

I've chosen to use this remix of "Love of an Orchestra" as an example of incredible runway music because of the interplay between mood and pace that Chew Fu has managed to create.
He is an great runway music producer, just ask Dolce and Gabanna (he's done their music for the past two years in Milan)

This track originally by English indie band "Noah and the Whale". The lyrics are so uplifting and whimsical, basically saying that if you've got music- you've got the whole world in your heart.
I know I'll never be lonely, I've got songs in my blood, I'm carrying all of the love of an orchestra..
So now in my deepest sorrow, there's no need for despair, I'm carrying all the love of an orchestra.

And then this is where the mastery comes in- he's made a beat that is heavy enough to convey the feeling of movement and pace while keeping the bittersweet mood of the melody.

I hope you like it, I think it is perfection.

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