JILF - By Elvis Di Fazio

“Elvis Di Fazio joins forces with Elauan Lee to produce a purposefully na├»ve, horny teenage view of Jewish culture and the kitsch aesthetics that surround it, for Attitude Magazine.

Gathering inspiration from the streets of Stamford hill (London), Elvis and Elauan create punchy pop imagery to celebrate the spirit and nostalgia of Jewish life embracing the colourful humorous side.

This is one fashion story that knows how to put the sin into synagogue. Oy Vey!”

As published in Attitude Magazine, March issue, 2010
Photography by Elvis Di Fazio
Art Direction & Styling by
Elauan Lee

Grooming by Ben Jones

Models Jose @ Nevs, Karl Herzer @ Premier, Sebastian P @ Select, Xoan @ MandP

And although we were in different continents I helped out with the Kippah's from New York :)

Ahhh yep, This may offend some readers..