Holy Bazoly!

I scored some major shit today at the second hand markets in Amsterdam.

You know that rush you get when you find the PERFECT item, squirreled away at the back of some vintage store, and you know that it was just waiting for you to turn up and love it and take it home?? Well, check THIS out!! Never been worn, 90's, Las Vegas inspired Moschino jacket..
I. JUST. DIED. (actually I wrote this post first, then died).

I also style Chew Fu, (seeings he's a major rock star n shit) and I nearly frothed at the mouth when I stumbled upon these beat up Dutch workers boots. They're black leather with four enormous velcro straps up the side, not only do they have steel toes, but a steel tounge that sits over the shoe and straps around the ankle.
Very Rick Owens, very post apocalytpic, super tuff and an extension on the 'old boot' trend.

I've had the opportunity to do a lot of vintage shopping all over the world and I just have to say- that Amsterdam has been the best so far. Since I been here I have scored a whole new wardrobe and only spent about $350. FO REAL
Whats been your most MAJOR second hand shopping score?

Love ya guts,