MS FITZ cover and article in ArtBox Magazine :: out now

Snob Scrilla, L'oreal Melbourne Fashion Week
DUKE Magazine
Rhys/SONY Music

Karen magazine
Ms Fitz shoes for Tina Kalivas
All styling by Ms Fitz: Photographs by Thom Kerr and Elvis Di Fazio: Post by ERA Culprits

This month ARTBOX Magazine from the UK has done an article on some of my work, and an in depth interview on what makes Ms Fitz tick.

"When I say I'm anti-fashion I'm talking about the greater movement of 'fashion', meaning the machine. The machine which tells you to consume and adhere to ever changing trends, the same one that states you need to wear designer labels to believe in yourself. The fashion machine that dictates the only way to photograph a garment is with a size six model jumping against a white wall. What a load of trollop! I am however, pro-style. People with real style are born that way and you don't need a million pounds to achieve it."

ARTBOX Magazine is available across the UK, all WHS Smiths and Borders.

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