What I wore: Ms Fitz street style

My day to day wear is pretty androgynous, I wear a lot of men's clothing- Today I'm rocking my favorite pair of 90's vintage surf shorts with some geometric print leggings, an over sized mens hippy / buddist / acid wash hoodie and these boots I picked up at the Salvation Army.

I LOVE these shoes because they remind me of desert boots from the future- the hardware seems at odds with the thick purple leather and caramel suede, they're like steam punk boots from DUNE, really quite bizarro. Oh and my "poser" glasses (as my best mate calls them. She's pretty much the female version of Charles Bukowski* so she's adverse to all things sceney/trendy) BUT I love 'em, they're really masculine. And BURGUNDY lippy too, coz its sexxy.

Love ya guts,

*Anna denies this statement. She says "Bukowski is so intrinsically masculine there is no feminine version."