I'm a Creep

Underground Original creepers, Vintage clown suit

Hope you like the new photos we took tonight.. I didn't feel like I could be draped in the American flag without portraying a hint of irony :P
What I Wore:
I got a brand new pair of creepers from Underground Originals, in ELECTRIC BLUE! They make the best creepers, I wear them with everything.. It's not just a punk thing- creepers translate really well into a high fashion look as well, so get a pair, they're my official item for the season.
I tootled off to dance class this morning, only to find it cancelled, so I walked home and on the way stumbled upon a COSTUME SHOP SALE! The best! SO i got the Americana clown suit. YEAH!
The top is a bright orange flower bra, and I'm wearing Mac Morange pigment paint makeup and green nail polish.
I'm also really inspired / fascinated by the idea of voyeurism and blogging- I find it quite confronting when I see images of inside people's homes displayed with nonchalance online - and I find myself looking at the tiniest details in the background of their photographs to see what kind of coffee they drink, or if they've remembered to take out the trash.. So I thought I would take some images of me, in my space, just hanging out, you know, looking like an overtly sexual, nationalistic, rodeo clown.

Love ya guts,