Jose Duran Fall 2010 Collection; Short Film

Moving look book from from Parisian based New York designer Jose Duran. It brings to mind elements of distortion and cyborgs, dark energy and feminine power. This film is a wonderful example of the harmony that can be achieved when combining the mediums of fashion design and styling, choreography, music, film and editing. Enjoy.

Jose Duran Fall 2010 Collection. Stylist - René Garza ; DP - Ruben O'Malley ; EP - Steve Choo Choreography - Elena Vazintaris ; Models - Indiamara @ IMG models & Megan Black @ Basic models ; Make-up - Agata Smentek, Hair - Marco Guglielmino ; Music - The Editors - In This Light & On This Evening Images by Eric Martin

I was lucky to work with Jose and Rene here.

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