Photographer Thom Kerr: My Main Man

The Ascension of Maria Lonza: Shot by Thom Kerr Styled by Ms Fitz

Hello darling readers!!

I know you're out there! I've had a lot more traffic on my little blog and hope you're enjoying reading as much as I have been posting.
I'm loving Amsterdam, Chew and I have a beautiful place on the canals (its like 200 years old!!) and I'm keeping myself busy with various creative projects. I'm sewing more and listening to heaps of dope beats (its awesome having an insanely creative producer for a boyfriend) which keeps me constantly inspired and eager to get back to New York to get some mad shit happening. (I'll be back in April)...

But I wanted to share with you some very exciting news: Thom Kerr's new website.

Thom Kerr and I started working together about six years ago back in my home city of Brisbane, Australia. At the time we were just two punk kids with a HEAP of creativity and no real idea what to do with it. So he started a teeny little creative collective called Rufio Creative- he picked up a camera and encouraged me to try my hand at styling and art direction, and we started to create photo shoots- just for the hell of it, purely to create art. We've worked together ever since.. I would never be where I am today without his tireless encouragement and constant slew of off-beat ideas.

I have NO qualms in saying that he is a brilliant creative mind, a genius for real.
He comes up with the most complex, beautiful ideas and has the technical skills to deliver them. He's shot for a gazillion fashion mags, won a heap of awards (this week he's nominated for Capture Magazines Australia's Best Photographer) and I KNOW he's gonna be one of the best in the world when his time comes.

His website is a collation of his works- beauty, fantasy, fashion, men and women's portraits.
Do yourself a favour- check out his website and revel in the glory which is THOM KERR.

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