PRINCE - Under a Cherry Moon film (1986)


We've all seen the glory that is Purple Rain, right? And the first time you watched it you immediately rewinded it back to the very beginning and started it over again, didn't you??! Well, if you haven't, you better piss off right now and don't come back until you have.

As amazing as Purple Rain is, I'm not here to talk about that.. What I HAVE got to share with you is "Under a Cherry Moon", Prince's second, lesser known film shot in 1986.
-Costume test images-

Set in 1920's Southern France, Prince plays a gigilo from Miami who falls in love with a rich girl.. but her Daddy just hates Prince (GASP!)
Anyways, thats totally not the point- the terrible story line, and one dimensional characters are irrelevant! Its all about the B-Grade amazingness and costuming! Golden Age Of Glamor, iconic 1920's inspired artistic direction- done with an 80's twist.

Period films done in the 80's are the BOMBEST coz no matter what period they're meant to be set in, you can't escape from the power of the 80's aesthetic- you end up with these mad fusion of styles.

The trailer has no sound- but totally works as a silent short. PLEASE take a look at this, it'll rock your world.

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