NY Artists : Narcissister

I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Narcissister recently for the upcoming cover story of In*tandem Magazine.

On set in the studio in Dumbo and I was AMAZED to find (no kidding) about 150 kilos (that's about 330 pounds) of vintage costumery, stripper lingerie, merkins, and masks.. Suffice to say - it was a pretty incredible shoot, and I can't wait to show you the finished product.

I was so inspired by Narcissister's work and attitude I thought I would introduce you all, if you aren't familiar already. (Anyone who, stoney faced, can say "Oh wow, I love this outfit - and you know what this would work with? My Merkin.", has got my A1 Official Seal of Approval.)

"The Self Gratifier" By Narcissister

Prior to the foray into performance art, Narcsisster was a professional modern dancer- trained at Alvin Ainley American Dance Center, and landed high profile performances which included touring Europe in a German rock opera.
(and WE ALL KNOW that German's do the best rock opera's right?? SEE here.. but I digress.)

Also working as a stylist, art director and visual artist - you may recognize this little gem as Narcissister handiwork:The character Narcissister blurs the lines between burlesque and performance art while playing with gender dichotomies and identity. Its quite confronting, very sexual, and all the time staying true to a DIY sensibility.

Man/Woman and Ass/Vag by Narcissister

Do yourself a favour and check out the work at www.narcissister.com.
I recommend the Man/Woman video, but be warned - it's not for the faint hearted!

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