Some legitimate fashion advice: Fuck it.

Immigrating is hard work, huh? Who woulda thought?
Today I was all like 'Fuck this! I'm hungry and there's a mouse living in my bedroom and the water in my house comes out of the tap white so I can't drink it and the stove is broken and I've been eating Mi Goreng SO much lately that I've become totally addicted to the MSG content (speaking of Mi Goreng, I want some NOW), I haven't seen my boyfriend for nearly three months and I quit smoking coz I can't afford it anymore (I'm about to rip somebodies throat out from nicotine withdrawals), I'm totally on my period and NEW YORK CITY YOU'RE BEING SUCH A CUNT RIGHT NOW! IF YOU WERE MY FRIEND I WOULD TELL YOU TO GO AWAY AND COME BACK LATER WHEN YOU WEREN'T BEING SO MEAN!"
So I was like FUCK IT, I'm going to hang out on the roof top of my mates house to drink beer and bitch about my amazing, fabulous, lucky and privileged life. I threw on everything I could find on my floor and stuck a big red plastic flower in my hair, withdrew from my fortress of solitude and headed out into the city.

Photo by Amanda Elizabeth
And you know what I think? I think it's a pretty sweet outfit, and the old Chinese man behind me definitely thinks so too.
Yeah I'm wearing a batik onesie. What are you going to do about it? I bought it off a hippie at the Amish markets, and its my life right now. Also I made that heavy brass pom pom necklace- but I'll show you more of that later.
I love my workman's boots because not only do they have a steel toe and a steel heel, they even have a STEEL FUCKING TONGUE and when I wear them people respect me. Vintage leather jacket with pearl detailing blah blah blah mafia sunnies etc.
My point is that sometimes the best outfits are totally unplanned, un-choreographed and slapped together at the last minute. When you're all like "FUCK THIS SHIT, WHATEVER, EVERYTHING SUCKS, who gives two shits about the way I look today, the world can eat my asshole" is when you work the best looks.
So today- fuck fashion, fuck the world, throw whatever on you can find, wear too many accessories and don't look in the mirror before you leave the house.
You'll thank me.

Love ya guts,