Heffalumps, Hairspray and Harlem

Photo: Chew Fu

One of my darling readers and friend Ingrid from LatersHaters posted me this EPIC vintage silk button down blouse all the way from Australia.. Yeah, its mustard and TOTALLY covered in Elephants.

This pic was taken up in Harlem.. I love it up there, especially on Sundays when you see all the women in their incredible church hats and you can hear the gospel music on the streets.

Coz I love mustard and purple together I wore it with a vintage tye-dyed velvet bow tie, cut off shorts coz they're comfy for summer and a pair of boots I covered in studded shit. Pretty casual attire. I like this outfit so much and I'm generally a pretty lazy person so I wore it two days in a row. Amazing. I had a few people be like "WOW, I love your top, is it Miu Miu?" And I was like "Sure it is, I can totally afford Miu Miu."

ALSO! I dyed my hair light purple but nobody noticed. See? No? Well, it is.

Thanks to Ingrid coz she's the bombest- show her love here.