All the amazing things!

I want to show you this!! There are SO MANY FUCKING CRAZY TALENTED people in the world, it makes my heart sing when I stumble upon more hidden all over around the world.


Weeeee!! So fucking cra-zay times here in NYC. These past two weeks my bestest friend in the whole world, Thom Kerr has been in town! If you don't know who he is- he is AMAZING AND TALENTED photographer and will be very, very famous, very very soon! I'm not even joking, check this shit out:
See more of his his work here.

We shot an incredible editorial, its very FANTASY inspired- much like most of our work. We've been working together 4EVA :) Suffice to say- this is what was going on in our heads when we created it:

CAN'T WAIT TO SHOW YOU! I think it will be just as impressive as our Sputnik story:

But with a darker, more sinister twist. Keepin' it Fressshhhhh, You know.

I've landed a wardrobe supervisor gig on a RUSSIAN TELE-SERIES for the next week or so, which is very amazing - seeings my only Russian cultural/literary reference is Chekov, and all that is is drunk old people crying into glasses of Vodka. I'm totes loving listening to the crew talk to each other in Russian and telling me to make the costumes sluttier! Yaysies!

Enjoy!! Loves youuuu!!