Kayvon Zand "So Gone" music video on MTV- Styled by Ms. Fitz

Gothed-out ElectroPop singer KAYVON ZAND's music video "So Gone" debuted on MTV today. Congrats to everyone involved with the production!
Styling this was a large and satisfying undertaking- there was the lead Kayvon, of course, with three looks - and there were also 20 extras in FULL GOTHIC COUTURE costuming. But it was inspiring because I got to work with all black, so the texture of the garments (PVC, leather, velvet, lace, knotting, headdresses) told the story.
So for those who think I can only work with color, EAT THIS!!

MTV IggyKayvon Zand - "So Gone"
Kayvon Zand