Last night I was rolling with a few friends, and I feel like YOU SHOULD KNOW THEM TOO!! You may be acquainted with them one way or another, already. They're all so fabulous that they each deserve an individual post, but I'm feeling a little lazy (read:hungover) so here we go! I hope you think they are as awesome as I do :)

DANNI DANIELS - Transsexual Porn Star and FASHION MUSE!
Danni just got back from performing with GRACE JONES, touring with PEACHES through Europe, being shot by NICK KNIGHT and Nicola Formichetti for Arena Homme and featuring on the cover of the London Times. In other words, TAKING OVER THE FUCKING WORLD.
She is incredibly intelligent, articulate and a fluid artist, through which some of the most prestigious subversive artists of our time have have channeled and expressed their work. Work! Let me say this: What Sasha Grey did for hetero porn stars, I believe Danni Daniels will do for transsexual porn stars. Jus' sayin.
Look her up, if you're into that stuff. Otherwise, if you're into art and fashion as well, you should look at this:

(Nick Knight x Nicola Formichetti)

BREEDLOVE - Post-Cabaret Pop Artist
Ahhh Breedlove! My favorite underground cabaret pop star.
His fashion style motto is Dress to Depress. What a weirdo!!
And by the way, he's a genuinely awkward guy, it's not just an act. Last night he asked one of his best friends if she was a hooker, and then asked one of fiercest girls in the bar what men's shoe size she wears. Totally serious. You don't ask trannies what men's shoe size they are, or your best friend if she's a hooker. I mean, you can; but its generally not done. Then he felt really, really bad about it and proceeded to apologize for wayyy longer than necessary. AWKWARD.
Hhahahahah! NAH!! I'm just joking, as if it was awkward, this guy makes me laugh my ass off! He is awesome and lovely and down to earth and amazing! And HILARIOUS! Growing up in San Fransisco as a child of a Cabaret Singer and an actor, this dude is the REAL DEAL. You must see him perform live in New York at St Jeromes every Monday night and hear his self effacing, sorry for myself, laugh a minute, joke-pop. YAYSIES! But let's be honest- this guy is MAD talented song writer and I'm pretty sure he's got a few mainstream pop hits to surprise you with yet. Stalk him and hear his music here.

DARIAN DARLING- New York City Filthy Glamapuss
I met Darian Darling last night after hearing about her for sometime. I was intrigued - who is she? What exactly does she do?
Well, guess what? She does fabulous! Darian is a lifestyle blogger and make up artist who dishes whats good about being blonde, bad ass and beautiful in New York city. She chronicles the lifestyles of the not-so-rich and famous artists in her crew, (They're known as the Precious Empire) the parties she attends, and most importantly- beauty tips and etiquette advice for bitches like us. Check it out here :)

Oh yeah, here's what I wore.. I look like a messy clown. I'm cool with that.

Ms. Fitz