What I Wore: Big n Nude

This jumpsuit is big. I mean, BIG. In fact, its huge. I could fit three of me in it. And that's why I love it; it's the opposite of sexy- it pretty much eliminates any of the feminine silhouette.
I bought it at a Goodwill up in Harlem last week, it's covered in reallly cheesy 90's stitched labels that read "EAST WEST" "HAT LINEZ" and "HIGHER STATE" and the color is nude- straight up nude. I decided to team it with some old stomper boots, a bright orange fur collar, a geometric print leather vest and my old fur jacket because I love mashing all different and unexpected items and textures together. Same reason for the plaits in my hair. I feel totally comfortable, casual, sexy and tough :)

Love ya guts,