Today I'm working from home, customizing some hats, prepping for another dance video (!!!!!!!), I'm also collaborating with a massively talented illustrator (not telling yet!) who is drawing an EPIC portrait of FITZEE.. annddd we're still finishing up the artistic direction/post effects on our latest fantasy fashion editorial. I can't wait to show you the final result of these creative projects! I'm going to introduce you to all my collaborators along the way, starting in a few days with COLIN SELF.
SO! I'm massively comfy, I'm wearing all Men's clothing, including the shoes. I wear guys clothing a lot. OH YEAH! PRINTS PRINTS PRINTS! TOO MANY PRINTS!
The jumper is Vintage Coogi (yup), the pants are vintage "something-you've-never-heard- of-from-India": and the shoes are Adidas Original x Jeremy Scott Combat Sneakers. They Are SO Good! Brass and PomPom necklace by Ms. Fitz.

Love ya guts,