Hercules and Love Affair vid + WWD

The week just gone was great, very busy but very rewarding nonetheless.
A lovely skirt which I tirelessly slaved over (woe is me!) hand knotting and knotting for designer Vaughan Alexander was on the cover of WWD. I can't take the credit though, there were a number of nimble hands which brought this treasure to life. Kudos to Vaughan and the label, Verlaine!

I assisted stylist Jason Farrer on the new Hercules and Love Affair video "My House".
Very talented people involved on all fronts, the band just got back from touring with Gossip and playing the Versace show, so you know they're pretty bad ass. I know you wanna see the amazing behind the scenes pics but I can't post them :( You'll just have to wait til the video comes out. IT'S 90's AFROECCENTRIC CHIC and that's all I'm saying. So good.

There was A LOT of clothes
A lot of Jeremy Scott, Cassette Playa, Gerlan, Dries Van Noten and much much more:
And lots of jewelss

Happy Holidays everyone!

Love ya guts,