What I Wore: Leather n Lace, A Work Look

I've been running around crazy doing pick ups today and I threw together this look. Leather n Lace, is there a better combination?
The shape of the shirt and jacket are quite masculine, so it was important to pair them with a flowing feminine skirt. This vintage lace skirt has black leather patches with small brass grommets, I got it in Europe and removed the lining so you can see through it. I'm wearing it on my hips, not my waist for a more relaxed look coz, you know, I'm a relaxed dude.
I love these bold polka dots on this over sized vintage shirt! A bold print adds an ounce of fun and depth to a look, don't be afraid to work with them. You don't need to go over the top (like I usually do, lol) but they are nice to add into a layered look for winter.  Also I've been collecting beaten up bangles and love to mix brass, golds and silver accessories. Too many is not enough, and there are no rules when it comes to mixing textures.

The jacket is a piece which I designed with Lindsay Rose for label Hollywood Flesh- the sleeves are a work of art! We commissioned a graffiti artist to create a bi-lingual print which reads "Hollywood Flesh" in both katakana and Engerish.
 Ahh yeah. (If you haven't seen the collection, it's here.)

Love ya guts,