On the topic of Style, with John Waters

"The youth are all too busy blogging to get dressed! And this obsession with nostalgia; everybody looks the same to me. But that little girl, what's her name, the one that does the fashion blog? Tavi? I don't know if she's any good but I like the idea of her. What is she, 6 years old? Well, she dyed her hair grey; she looked like a little old lady and I don't know if "faux-old" is the idea, but it's hilarious."

"I'd like there to be a Comme des Garçons everything; a life. Suppose you take a plane and there's guaranteed turbulence. A cab where the meter goes crazy. She (Rei Kawakubo) designs a hotel, and there are no rooms available but the rooms, they have those sheets when you try to get in, your feet just rip through the thing. And of course, cold and hot water come out of the wrong faucet, and then switch over halfway through, ha!"

"I think it's the youth that make high fashion pretentious. When I was young I just wore what I could get. You look silly in proper fashion when you're young but once you’re over 40 you need all the help you can get. I basically pay too much money for clothes that poor people would be embarrassed to wear.Wearing Comme des Garçons is wearing high fashion, but without bragging. And that's the key, that's old money and the opposite of nouveau riche."

- John Waters via vicestyle