Australia's Next Top Model Mentor Josh Flinn Nominated for a Logie

My mate Joshua Flinn did something spectacular this year, he became the model mentor on Australia's Next Top Model! (Yes, just like Mr. Jay. He's the Aussie Mr. Jay!! Well, minus the bad taste and plastic surgery.. but isn't that that awesome??!! )

Josh has been one of my most hilarious, loyal and fabulous friends for a few years and I couldn't be happier for his successes- mostly because I can't think of anyone more deserving of it.
Also, he's HILARIOUS. Really. Ask him what his opinion on Nicole Kidman is and you'll see what I'm talking about. We like to call him "Captain Quip", coz he's always there with the one liners. Ahhh Joshy I miss you..
And here's the amazing news, He's been nominated for a LOGIE!!

No No No, A Logie is not something you spit off a 32 story balcony. ITS AN AWARDS SHOW! A very very special Australian awards show for the Aussie television industry!
For my US readers, The Logies is kind of big deal down under. It's like the Emmy's, except everybody gets really, really drunk and it's usually hosted by an Australian TV legend, who you've absolutely never heard of.
For my Aussie readers, I KNOW you watch ANTM and have seen the professionalism, style and kindness that Josh Flinn exudes in his position on the show. He mentors the models with the calm and focus of a seasoned star, learned, I'm sure, from his years experience wrangling small children while performing as B2 in from the famous tw0-some BANANA'S IN PYJAMAS. YES. You read that right. Could this dude get any cooler??!!
Here's where you can do your part, and support upcoming Aussie talent. Please help Josh win a Logie! YOU CAN VOTE! The Logies are determined by the public and every one counts!

Just vote through until you get to the BEST NEW TALENT CATEGORY and select Josh Flinn.