What I Wore: Snow Bunny

My first Christmas in New York City, my first ever snowstorm! For an Aussie beach bum like me, snow is a delightful new experience, and as you can see- I'm overcome with pure unadulterated SNOW JOY! I know, I know, in two days time is going to be slimy, black sludgy nightmare, but for now- I am a snow princess reveling in the beauty of my pristine, white kingdom.

We went to the store and picked up supplies because we are snowed in, the subways are not running and now all I can do is watch soap operas, read gossip blogs and bake cookies. Snowstorms rule!

Deep turquoise lambswool jacket from Cue
Mongolian Lambswool Bag (worn on my head; What are you gonna do about it?) from River Island
Fluorescent orange fox tail (worn as a scarf)
Black detailed leather gloves from Canal St
$2 black bike shorts from Flushing Ave discount store in Bushwick
Vintage purple spandex leggings from a thrift store in Amsterdam

So exciting!