Inspiration: Ugly Crap Made Out Of Denim Jeans

Expressing yourself through DIY is totally awesome and I'm a huge advocator of it. But let's be honest- when it comes to DIY fashion, denim creations are usually pretty horrendous... But on the other hand, denim on denim on denim worn with a whole hearted "I'm living my denim dreamz" attitude is an other thing entirely. In fact, it's kind of great.  Lets explore the difference, shall we?


Cop this. A RED TULLE edged, denim umbrella? With the beautiful denim train? (But I think what makes this image, really, is the incredible photo shopping.)
Isn't she a peach?

This lovely lady gets a special mention because she combines two of the things people make the most ugly crap out of! Recycled denim and Peacock feathers!
 Don't forget the denim jeans bag.

How about a lampshade? Or a furry denim rug?

And most importantly, old jeans made into a skirt!! I'm not going to bother with a picture, you all know what I'm talking about..

So where does this stop being just ugly crap and start being kinda funny cool? I think around about here:
But then again- the photography, styling and makeup may just be giving a sweet 90's vibe.
Pray tell, IS this ironic and hilarious or is it just really fucking ugly? (BTW its a rhetorical question, so don't bother answering in the comments, thanks)
To be honest, I don't really know the difference anymore. The line gets finer and finer everyday, really.
Anyway, what is she wearing on her legs..? I think they may be denim leg warmers, because they cover her knees but not her feet.
I guess we'll never know. This woman really is an enigma.

And I kind of like this too. Not enough to ever wear it, or anything, but I'm not repulsed. Which by all means I should be- its a corset dress made out of a fifty pairs of ill fitting jeans. 

But we're starting to drift into awesome category somewhere around here:

And this one? Yeah, this one is definitely my style:

Love ya guts,