I wish John Galliano was doing the costumes for the upcoming Tintin movie

Wouldn't that be the best fashion/movie combo ever?! My case in point:

Galliano Mens AW 2011 from style.com

Am I right?! AM I RIGHT???!! Can't you see The Adventures Of Tintin ALL OVER THAT RUNWAY?! Damn, its good. I'm geekin' out, forrealz. (and who ever styled this show deserves a BIG GOLD FUCKING STAR)

I'm pretty sure THAT imaginary collab would be my dream come true. (BTW did you know Steven Spielberg is directing it, and Tintin is going to be played by that kid from the Billy Elliott movie?! And the evil pirate Red Rackam is played by that hot piece of old man meat from the recent Bond movies? I'm pretty excited. Tintin RULES.)

So Rodarte did the (lovely) costumes for that (shitty) ballet movie, and it got me thinking about my fantasy Fashion/Film collaborations. Ann Demeulemeester does The Munsters.. Christian Lacroix and the Magic Far Away Tree..
What would you like to see?

Love ya guts,