Not Fashion Related At All: QLD Floods

I've been sleeping very little over the past few days, I've been worried about my family and friends back home in Brisbane, Australia. There has been a massive flood all through out the state and the city has been declared a disaster zone. So you can have an idea, the flood is the size of Germany and France combined and twice the size of Texas. uh. that's big.

It's really sad, people have died and the images coming back are very frightening indeed. I have been calling home every few hours, my mum's house is on the river bank but thankfully everyone is fine and the house has not been flooded, because it was built recently with the flood levels in mind.

So insane, I wish I was there.. I have this strange sensation in my stomach and I think it's guilt. I feel guilty being all the way over here in New York when all of this is happening at home. My heart aches a bit.

Many people have lost everything. My thoughts go out to those less fortunate and those in need.

Our boat is floating off somewhere in the Pacific Ocean right now. RIP Karma C, yaarrrr she was a good boat. But if the worse thing to happen to us is that we loose a boat, then we got off lucky, because there are many in dire circumstances.
PLUS there are hundreds of POISONOUS SNAKES in the water. Gross.

Anyway, I Love ya guts,
and if you're in Brizzie, then I love your guts especially now :)