Accessory Post: Hosted by my new vintage Palmistry earrings

I obsessively collect vintage costume jewelery- mostly from thrift stores and antique stores. The thought of finding something really unique that nobody else in the world owns, gives me a tingly feeling in my stomach -  I guess it's kind of what a gambler feels when she pulls the level on a poker machine.

I also just love kooky, wierd things (duh).

So when I saw these little kookmeisters carelessly thrown into an accessory jar at my local Salvation Army my thrifty spidey senses went into high alert. I thought- these are something very special indeed.

I paid my dollah, and took them home. Upon looking you can tell that these have been hand made - the intricate sketching in the 'hand' and the soldering is a give away- but it was the design that really made me fall in love. There is a sense of paganism and voodoo in the subject which is so unique. A red crystal heart in the palm of the hand, covered with a six pointed star, and on the other hand a rabbit jumps over a moon. KOOKY, HUH?!!

Here's the fun part! (I'm such a DORK.) The sleuthing! What is the story of these earrings?

There is an engraving on the front that reads "NOLA 89." Clearly, they were created in 89, so that makes them 21 years old. Not antique, but definitely vintage.  I did some research and found that NOLA is the abbreviation for New Orleans.. aha! It's no secret that New Orleans has a history of voodoo and alternative religious cultures, so that seems to fit with the design. (Hooray!) There is a stamp and a signature on the back but I don't recognise it- It's M.F and signed by "mon". I called some  established folky N.O jewelery designers (dork dork dork) to try and place it, but alas, the designer remains unknown! Any Southerners recognize the style? I know it's a long shot.

Regardless, these are truly unique and I am very much in love. After ten years thrifting you develop your own sense of value, and a keen eye for detail. You never know what treasures you will find trawling through vintage stores, thrift stores and garage sales, and it's definitely rewarding.

Whats the most valuable thing you've ever thrifted?

Love ya guts,