Dear Fritz Karch,

Why can't you be my Dad?

Sure, my dad wears shoes that don't match, sometimes he only remembers to shave half of his face, he brings home medical skeletons from antique fairs and dresses them up like business men and puts them at the front door to greet visitors - but he does that coz he's a crazy old jack ass, not because he's some kind of fashion zeitgeist with a refined eye for beautiful antique furniture, like you. You are a style ICON and I'm quite sure that I was stolen at birth from your wife's arms and transported halfway across the globe to Byron Bay, Australia, where I was forced to live under my Dad's rules - "You Can Only Mow The Lawn in A Clockwise Direction" "Only Classical music in the House""No Brand Name Sneakers Coz You'll look like a Clone" "Only Three Pieces of Toilet Paper Per Number One" and so on.. Well, actually now I think about it, you probably ARE like my real Dad anyways. Forget I said anything.

But regardless, You rule. I love your sense of style. My real Dad is on the other side of the world now, and we're both here in New York, so can we just go thrift shopping together and pretend that I'm yours?


Fritz Karch is the Director of Collecting at Martha Stewart Living.
Basically it's his job to travel the country buying amazing second hand and antique bric-a-brac and furniture. Dream job much? I love his attitude towards fashion as well.
“It’s not just plaid; I like all patterns and block colors—if you get enough colors together, it becomes like a pattern.” 
“If you go buy an Herm├Ęs coat, it should last for 60 years, but I don’t want to wear the same jacket for that long.” Fritz says of his commitment to consignment pieces.

“I don’t know if it’s a revolt from my upbringing, but I just like pattern on pattern on pattern—more is more is more. There is a phrase, horror vacui, for the fear of empty space and plainness. I think that sums me up.”
Images from Time Out New York.