Grammy Style: Electro House Producer Chew Fu

 Chew Fu in Lady Gaga's studio last week working on the official remix for Born This Way.
Chew Fu is a record producer and refixer who works for the likes of Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Far East Movement and KISS- and I style him for his public appearances and performances.
Dressing musicians is a total collaboration. Listening to their music and working with them to develop a personal style which represents their art is a very rewarding experience. I also love creating iconic looks- and every musician needs to look like an icon! We brought together this look for him to wear to The Grammy Awards.
It's the Grammys so is suit is in order.
Chew's music is completely original and powerful, and so we created a style which represents that. His music is a fusion of electro, hip hop and house and his fashion style is developing into an unexpected fusion as well- 90's inspired high top hair, Winklepicker shoes, heavy gothic style jewelry (the ear cuff really takes it to another level) and a tailored, skinny style suit.  Just goes to show that you can create original looks for the modern male pop star with out going into Adam Lambert territory. I'm looking forward to dressing more musicians in this changing pop culture climate- now is the time to take risks in music and fashion.

Chew Fu wears Bevel jewelry, Underground Original Winklepickers, Sunglasses by Vision of Division, Hennes & Mauritz suit and Dior bowtie.

Love ya guts,