What I Wore: Trench Coat Mafia

This trench coat is SO over sized, so lovely, so creepy. It's a sample from Tina Kalivas, who was once a pattern maker for McQueen, but it never went into production. Which means I'm the only person in the world that owns it. Mwahahah!
I wore it up in Washington Heights a few months ago and an excited young Domincan girl squealed 'Look! A Nazi!" So I was nervous wearing it again, because, you know, I don't want people thinking that I'm a Nazi. It's not a good thing. But then I thought, "Your ignorance is not my problem, Missy! I'll wear whatever I damn want!"
ANYWAY that's not the point of my story today! My point is that I love this big ole jacket. The cut is purposefully very unsexy, which I, of course, think is the sexiest thing ever. It is perfect to wear with a reallllly long pleated skirt, and an over sized shirt. Tis the season for everything to be BIGGER BIGGER BIGGER! I want to see you swimming in your clothes, ladies!!
You have every right to be concerned that I am about to FLASH YOU!! Flasher in the park jacket! Awesome
Irregular Choice tartan boots, Jaime Lee body suits, Ms. Fitz necklace

This is my work space. I can't wait to show you my jewelery collection once it's done. I don't know when it will be done, but you'll be the first person I tell, I promise. Between writing music, getting the content together for IN*Tandem Magazine, making jewelery and freelance gigs my life is kind of full at the moment, and I couldn't be happier. Life is good, I'm beginning to feel like I made the right decision by moving my whole existence halfway across the globe :)

PS- Did you see what I did there? Bag as lamp shade. I use that fucking bag for everything. Maybe I'll start sneaking it into all my photos, like Waldo, and you'll have to find it..

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