Some people have a real problem with sneaker heels.
I am not one of those people. 

And I'm gonna tell you WHY. (I know you didn't ask, but this is my blog and I'll do what ever I want!)
Besides, they get a pretty rough go of it and I think SOMEONE needs to come to their defense.

Foremostly, I like them on a philosophical level, if its possible to like a shoe philosophically. They are something we all know- the humble sneaker- which has been REINTERPRETED to become something completely different! And to me, that is what fashion is all about! It's about questioning the 'rules' and pushing them to another level.

Secondly, I'm a bit of fashion shit-stirrer- I also love them because people hate them so much. But this goes beyond purely being contrary, it's to raise the question of what defines fashion and good taste.

But it's not enough to just like something in theory, I also like the way they look. They look tough and cute! YEAH, I SAID THAT.

Now that I have given an intellectual argument as to WHY I LOVE these shoes I shall present you with best ones I have found online. Most of these are all imitation of course- cause if we're going down this slippery slope towards "bad taste", then we might as well go the whole way.
I'd wear these with hot black mini dress

With tight high waisted acid wash jeans, a cute titty tank top and vintage costume earrings
I'd wear these with a pair of massive baggy basketball shorts, a tight tank top and monobrow
These are fetish, so I'd wear em to bed, thnx.
except the last pair, which I designed for Tina Kalivas.

Do you like sneaker heels or not? Why?

Love ya guts,