What I Wore: Pineapple Pop

Well, judging by the response to my LAST What I Wore post, you bitches don't want to see me after a long night, you want me being glamorous! SO I'll give you what you thirsty blood hounds desire!
G L A M A H!

Here's what I wore out tonight: I tied a few vintage scarves into my hair and then plaited them to make a looonngg, colorful pony tail! I'm obsessed. I've copyrighted this shit! It's my NEW THANG!
Also, this embroidered jacket was a gift from my Mother for my birthday (which is today!) it's kind of harlequin, Indian-Asian colorful fusion. Plus this vintage longgg checked skirt. Love! And my new earrings from New Orleans. I'm channeling some serious Ms. Fitz shit right here.

I was also given an AMAZING new camera (thank you babey I love you) so expect my piccies to be more exciting from here on in! Spoilt girl! I'll post pics pf my b'day adventure for you soon :)

Love ya guts,

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