What I Wore: Solstice

It's nice to escape New York city once in while.. I'm spending a few days with my step mum in small town Pennsylvania and it's very inspiring to clap my eyes on anything that isn't subways, factories and construction work. Totally inspired by my surroundings, I put together this outfit and wore it happily on our adventures today - thrift shopping, farmers markets and buying amazing bolts of fabric from an Amish family.

I learned how to make floral wreaths when I was in Sweden for the Spring Solstice festival as a child - they're actually pretty easy to make once you know how, and I put this one together this afternoon sitting in the warm spring sunlight. Ahhh! How I've missed the sun!

I'm wearing an oversized men's paisley button down shirt which I chopped into a mid-drift, and a vintage Versace pin brooch. (Remember my tip for cutting mid-drifts? Always cut the back longer than the front) and the best pair of vintage high waisted denim jeans which I scored yesterday at Goodwill.

We're in Amish country:

What are you looking forward to with the changing of the season?

Love, Color and Chaos,