Ms. Fitz by James Jirat Patradoon

I'm a huge fan of the artist James Jirat Patradoon so I am totally honored to share with you a portrait that he graciously created of yours truly.

"James' work explores his take on fantasy-hyper-masculinity with portraits inspired by Japanese Manga, slasher movie villains, pro wrestlers, biker gangs, and Elvis. His comic book styled images have appeared in collaborations with Adidas, Diesel, MTV, PepsiCo and Mambo and magazines such as ESPN, Complex, Acclaim, Empty and ILOVEFAKE. ."

It's incredible! Check out the detailing- the more you look into this illustration the more you see! He even included my Terminator rings, and I have skull shoulder pads. BADASS!!

Yeah, I'm a zombie killing renegade cyborg.  Fuck yeah.

Love, Color and Chaos,